Some History:
The page presented here is what I started out with in 1995.  It was built using Netscape Composer (Version 2) and Notepad.  It is sort of ironic that this page was never intended to serve the general public, but was rather a personal gathering spot for repeater information I had found on the web and mostly a place to keep information I wrote.  The page was originally hosted by Somerset Computer Center on the SHOL (super highway on-line) server.  It has been moved several times over the years, but this original page has ended up back on the SHOL domain for a note in history.  The name Target Technical Information Database was chosen as the information on this page primarily served the needs of the Target Link System.  As mentioned earlier, this page was originally not intended for the general public, but after I received several emails from folks thanking me for assembling what was, at the time, a good bit of repeater information, I decided to make it available from one place on the Internet, keep it up to date, and add as much to it as humanly possible.  After a couple of years, the name was changed from the Target Technical Information Database, to the Repeater Builders Technical Information Page, and was hosted on my domain.  After another year or so I acquired the domain and placed the site on a new server.  At any rate, over the years I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to provide the most complete and accurate repeater related information available anywhere.  Why?  because I can, and because that is the way my late father Ken - W3WGX taught me that hams help one another.

I hope you enjoy this page and what it has evolved into!    Kevin K. Custer  W3KKC,  ex KE3BA

Welcome to the:
Target Technical Information Database
By Kevin Custer  KE3BA

Modification Index:
Motorola Micor VHF Conversion     By  Jim Reese WD5IYT
Motorola Micor UHF Conversion     By Jim Reese  WD5IYT
The Micor Muteboard    By Kevin Custer  KE3BA
Micor COS Logic Level Converter   By Kevin Custer  KE3BA
Hamtronics TA-51 TX Alternate Input   By Kevin Custer  KE3BA
Hamtronics PL Modulator    By Kevin Custer  KE3BA
S-Meter Driver for the Hamtronics R-144   By Kevin Custer  KE3BA

Technical Articles:
Getting the most from your repeater system    By Kevin Custer  KE3BA
Crackling Noise in my Repeater    By Kevin Custer  KE3BA
Build a COR Hang Timer   By Ken Custer  W3WGX

Club related sites:
Allegheny Highlands Repeater Association.    Kevin's repeater club.
The Target Link System   Kevin and Kasey's Linked Repeater System.
Minute Man Repeater Association

Ultimately this page of a few hundred kB is what has evolved into the Repeater Builders Technical Information Page or RBTIP.
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